After studying this unit, you will be able to:

Explain data into information

Discuss data representation in computer


The computer accepts data as an input, stores it process it as the user requires and produces 

information or processed data as an output in desired format.

The use of Information Technology (IT) is well recognised. The IT has become must for the 

survival of the business houses with the growing information technology trends. Computer is 

one of the major components of an Information Technology network and gaining increasing 

popularity. Today, computer technology has permeated every sphere of existence of modern 

man. From railway reservations to medical diagnosis; from TV programmes to satellite launching;

from matchmaking to criminal catching—everywhere we witness the elegance, sophistication 

and efficiency possible only with the help of computers.

Basic computer operations are: (i) it accepts data or instruction by way of input, (ii) it stores data, 

(iii) it can process data as required by the user, (iv) it gives results in the form of output, and 

(v) it controls all operations inside a computer.


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