BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS Revision Questions Paper 1


Q1. Answer the following Short questions in brief:                                                      [10*2=20]

  1. a) How do the computers originate?
  2. b) Draw the block diagram of computer.
  3. c) How do you represent the data in hexadecimal form?
  4. d) Differentiate RAM and ROM.
  5. e) List out the Latest I/O devices in market.
  6. f) How can you search the different files and folders.
  7. g) Where do you find MS-Word help?
  8. h) Through which menu of MS-Word can you set page size and margins.
  9. i) List out the different types of views available in MS Power Point.
  10. j) What is URL?

PART Batterapt any 6 Long Questions                                                                      [6*10=60]

Q2. How do you convert from Binary to Octal?

Q3. Explain the working of any two secondary storage devices.

Q4. Explain with example Bayes Theorem?

Q5. Describe the utility of Control Panel.

Q6. How do you perform Aligning & Indenting in any document?

Q7. Discuss the utility of spell check and grammar in MS-Word.

Q8. Explain Mail Merge.

Q9. Which functions can we use in MS Excel?

Q10. How can you create and format presentations?

— End of Question Paper —