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When every project is one-of-a-kind, how do you repeat your greatest successes? You try to apply consistent processes, but shifting personnel, new technologies, and greater demands interfere. The answer may lie in software designed specifically to meet the challenges of design and construction project delivery.

Improve these aspects of collaboration and project information management:

  • Keep from drowning under a firehose of information.
  • Remove barriers to collaboration with other members of your project team.
  • Make sure everyone has the right information at the right time, and automatically log that you did so.
  • Spend less time as an administrator so you can spend more time as an architect.
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Lots of factors conspire to slow down project delivery. Incorrect information leads to rework. Submitting and RFIs get hung up in processing. Crews run late, which ripples across teams that follow them on the schedule. But new software for collaboration and project information management solves these problems, and more.

  • Be assured teams are working with the latest information.
  • Know the status of every submittal, RFI, design change and more.
  • Make well-informed decisions you don’t have to change later.
  • Succeed at lean project delivery through improved visual planning and more accurate, timely reports.


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